• Trepni2016Ceca

    Complex named Drake's Take Care the 30th greatest sophomore album in Hip-hop history!

    Drizzy took the time to refine his "emo player" persona following his debut. For this go-round, Drake meshed together arrogant declarations of superiority with confessions of vulnerability, straddling the fine line between suave ladies man and cocky asshole with the type of finesse not witnessed in rap since LL Cool J in his prime.

    With better production, stronger features and more focused writing, this is the perfect soundtrack to drink away those "it's hard work being rich and famous" blues. Audrey reportedly wanted DJ Premier, Q-Tip, and The Neptunes to contribute beats to the project. In retrospect, it's best that they didn't, in terms of the flow of th…

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  • Trepni2016Ceca

    Rita Ora Wiki

    November 25, 2012 by Trepni2016Ceca

    Hi!I was wondering since Rita made cameo appearance in Drake's song "Over" (the music video) and since Drake wrote "R.I.P." why don't we became affliates?Rita Ora Wiki

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