DJ Revolution
DJ Revolution
Name Kurt G. Hoffman
Birthplace Long Beach, California
Genres Hip hop
Occupations Record producer, disco jockey

Kurt G. Hoffman (known as DJ Revolution) is a record producer, and disco jockey from Long Beach, California.

DJ Revolution has released 2 solo full length LPs that garnered him critical acclaim (in 12s we trust and R2K) and a collaboration with his partners Sway & tech on Interscope in 99. Aside from planning to release two more full lengths in 07, DJ Revolution has also begun lending his production to film and TV. Working with MTV, VH1, ESPN among others, as well as freelancing custom work for independent film makers. He got the bug in 97 when he scored the Jet Li cult classic movie Black Mask.

Collaborations with Drake Edit

DJ Revolution has collaborated with Drake in:

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