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• 9/11/2018
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• 8/21/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

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Have fun!
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• 9/27/2013

Background information about 40

There aren't much informations about his origin like where he is from, what religion he has and so on so maybe someone know such thing about him and could tell us
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• 1/3/2013

Looking for an admin

Because I'm not constantly here, well, I'M NEVER HERE, I'm looking for an user that wants to be admin in Drake Wiki.BUT, I'm not gonna give the rights so easily. If you want to be an admin this is what you have to do:

Create at least 10 new pages with 300 or more bytes of information. To know the weight of the pages look here: Special:ShortPages. I will really appreciate if you create pages in Special:WantedPages list.
Have at least 100 edits. If most of your edits are little (just changing a letter or adding a few words) I'll ask you for more. Also your edits have to be to improve the pages and not the contrary.
Continue to edit the wiki after I give you the admin rights. If you stop editing the wiki for a month, I'll remove your admin rights.
I may be asking for to much but I don't want that anyone come here and ask me for admin rights like are nothing special and free. I want real Drake fans to be helping the wiki, not morons looking to increase their admin rights collection. Look at all I have done in here, and ALONE, so please don't come with the excuse "I don't have time". If you don't have time, then don't ask me for the rights.
Thanks, even if you don't want the rights and help a little I will be really grateful with you.
Have a nice day :-)
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